I wrote a blog post recently about emotional support techniques, and wanted to spotlight one tool because there is a great free opportunity to learn from an expert starting on Monday!

Have you heard of EFT or tapping?

I was first introduced to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in 2003 through Dr. Mercola and more directly from my partner at the time Larry Hanus, who was an intensive student of anything he took on. He was using EFT on lots of people around us but there were two cases that I can’t forget.

The first was a 10 year-old daughter of a friend who recently lost her mom, and related or not, her stomach was hurting regularly. He literally tapped on a few points and said a few statements for her to repeat and her stomach pain was gone within minutes!

The other story is a 40-something man who was afraid of heights and didn’t want to go to the rotunda of the State Capitol where we were lobbying at the time. Again within minutes of the same scenario he was comfortably looking over the railing.

Though it’s called Emotional Freedom Technique, many problems which don’t seem to have any emotional basis can be remedied with EFT, including headaches, thyroid problems, and fibromyalgia pain.

Nick Ortner is a great resource for tapping, and holds a Tapping World Summit each year for free. You can learn more about it here.

Last year, I received an email with an introductory 15 minute session to just try it out, and follow the tapping and words Jessica Ortner was modeling. I did that just to get a refresher on it and I was in tears, sobbing in that session!

This is powerful work that you can do on your own time, it’s free, and there are no side effects! It seems mysterious but works by activating the meridian points while acknowledging and verbally exploring a concern.

If weight loss and body image is a concern for you, Jessica wrote a book called The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss & Body Confidence. 

You can find lots of free resources online by just searching for EFT or tapping, or on Nick Ortner’s website.  I encourage it as you can tell.