Initial Consult

Visits at Whole Woman Health include conversation and physical examination (when necessary). Expect a one hour initial consult. During the initial visit, Lisa will gather a very thorough history from you. The time this takes will vary, depending on your story and how it unfolds. It is helpful to bring any labs you have had done in the last 6 months which would pertain to your visit.

Lisa will then give you her impression of possible issues to address and testing options available to clarify the picture (see below for lab testing information). The two of you decide which tests to order, and possible treatments. There are often multiple causes that interact but when treated will support each other toward your balance. Lisa will work at a pace you are comfortable with, and will serve you best in your wellness journey.

It is often advantageous to start some general supportive measures while awaiting results, so nutritional supplements are frequently recommended according to your individual needs. A quality selection of trusted supplements are available at Whole Woman Health, as well as through our Full Script website. However, you are always welcome to decide whether and where to purchase supplements.

Follow-Up Visits

The second visit typically is spent interpreting and discussing your test results. You will then create a plan for your healing journey. Follow up visits range anywhere from 30-60 minutes, depending on the complexity of your results, questions, and concerns.

Diagnostic tests can be complex, and there may be several lab results that need to be addressed and explained. SInce Lisa is a sole practitioner, with no nursing staff, she is unable to call and discuss results for any length of time. To support as many people as possible, Lisa sees patients back to back, with little or no time in-between. We ask that you respect her time and schedule an appointment in advance to discuss your test results.

Further follow-Up visits are designed to monitor your progress and assess how you are feeling, and to address any questions and concerns you may be experiencing. Continued lab testing may be necessary in this process. If continued testing is needed, it is most time efficient to have these tests performed before the appointment so results can be discussed. If you are unsure about whether you should have tests done before your follow-up appointment, please call the office. You are welcome to contact us at any time if questions should arise.

Lab Testing

Whole Woman Health selects laboratory facilities with a proven record for accuracy and quality. Your insurance stipulations and personal financial situation are also considered when selecting laboratory facilities. Although most labs are covered by insurance, some plans have a deductible that must be met before covering the labs at the negotiated rate. It is recommended to call your insurance company in advance to understand your lab coverage and benefits.

Whole Woman Health can work with any local lab, but frequently partners with the following facilities:

Commonly used Labs for blood draws:

  • Mercy Clinical Labs (4 locations) – walk in
  • Lab Corp – by appointment (recommended) or walk-in
  • Qwest Diagnostics – by appointment only
  • Pathology Lab (Des Moines, West Des Moines, and Ankeny locations) – by appointment only
  • Mary Greeley (Ames)
  • McFarland Clinic (Ames)

Hormone Testing (saliva/urine send-out tests):

  • Diagnos-Techs
  • ZRT Laborartory
  • Precision Analytical Inc. (Dutch & DutchPlus)

Neurotransmitter Testing:

  • Labrix

Food Sensitivity/Intolerances & Gastro-Intestinal Testing:

  • Genova
  • KBMO
  • Spectracell (micro-nutrient testing)

*This area is expanding and will include more labs in the near future

Toxins Testing:

  • Great Plains

Breast or Body Imaging:

  • Iowa Radiology
  • Thermography of Iowa
  • Radiant Health Imaging

*Please Note – If you have a particular lab you would like to use that is not listed above, please provide us the name, phone, and fax numbers at the time of your visit.

Please always call us if you have questions or concerns before your appointment.