What is the difference between traditional medicine and holistic or integrative medicine?2020-06-08T17:45:43+00:00

Have you heard the expression “To heal anything, you have to heal everything”? An ailment or disease does not exist in isolation—nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle play a role in health. Integrative healthcare evaluates the whole person and uses traditional medicine, plus holistic strategies like nutritional counseling, supplements and coaching, to create an effective healthcare plan.

What is integrative endocrinology?2020-06-08T17:51:48+00:00

Integrative endocrinology evaluates hormones and hormone glands in the body to diagnose conditions that cause or stem from a hormone imbalance. Common factors addressed include digestive, adrenal and liver health.

Will Whole Woman Health take the place of my primary care physician (PCP)?2021-01-06T18:47:24+00:00

Lisa is a specialized provider, so we urge you to choose a PCP with a broader spectrum of care. Lisa does not treat common illnesses or prescribe medications outside of her specialty. Her goal is to support your primary care physician, adding an integrative angle to your existing health care plan.

How many times should I expect to see you?2021-01-06T18:48:51+00:00

The frequency and length of time it takes to achieve your health goals vary based on your unique situation. After initial lab results arrive, we will meet to evaluate treatment plans. From there, appointment frequency ranges from bi-monthly to bi-annually, depending on the severity of the concerns. Many happy patients check in once a year after a period of more frequent visits.

What kind of tests does Whole Woman Health use?2021-01-06T18:49:25+00:00

Based on your health situation, financial considerations, and preferences, we will decide together which tests are best. Please refer to the Lab Testing tab for more information.

Do I have to wait for lab results before you can help me?2021-01-06T18:49:52+00:00

If we need to run tests, we can use your health history, medication, diet, and supplement history to begin your healthcare plan while we wait for test results. Depending on the tests ordered, results are typically received within days, but some tests can take up to 6 weeks.

What should I bring to my first visit?2021-01-06T18:51:03+00:00
  • Any lab testing done within the past 6 months
  • Your insurance card
  • Please be sure to complete the New Patient Paperwork under the FORMS tab. We will need this completed before the day of your visit.
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