Is Testosterone Just For Sex?

The role of testosterone in the body and its potential uses has been studied for centuries. Rather than discuss the chemistry of the powerful hormone and the research done on rooster testicles, let's talk about what happens when men and women don’t have enough testosterone.Though some people are worried abut the dangers of testosterone, researchers have seen a great risk when testosterone levels are deficient. I listened to a renowned heart surgeon speak on how [...]

What’s the hype about Probiotics?

I’m sure you are hearing about probiotics in the media but is there a good reason for them? Do you really need them, and how do you know what to take? I know! Some brands have 30 million colony forming units (CFUs), some have 6 billion, and some have 500 billion! Some have one or two different strains of bacteria, some have 20 different strains. This was fun to study [...]

Insulin Resistance

If we can find insulin resistance, we can prevent diabetes! Most physical exam “preventive lab profiles” check fasting glucose for diabetes screening. Did you know that the body has several mechanisms for maintaining blood sugar balance and that by the time the blood sugar is increased, insulin resistance is well under way? There are 13 markers that my lab utilizes to detect early and late insulin resistance but I will only look at a [...]

Does Cholesterol Really Mean Anything?

I've been working with an evolving lab that evaluates an extensive panel of cardiovascular and metabolic inflammation markers. Over the course of working with this lab, I've learned a very concerning fact: only around 30% of the basic cholesterol panels run show an accurate picture of related risk. My own results have illustrated this picture. Four years ago, I ran a complete panel including these specialized markers, and the picture was grim. Though I've [...]

Electromagnetic Frequencies

Have you ever been in a crowd of people and suddenly felt exhausted? Or after a particular concert felt elated? Sensitive people can perceive moods of other people or toxicity of an environment even upon entering a room. Energy is such a perplexing concept. It’s fascinating and frustrating because it’s hard to pin down. Energy is literally everywhere and makes up everything, including cells, tissues, organs, plants, electronic devices, and [...]

The vFit PLUS

Our Intimate Wellness Device & Its Benefits A guest blog by Coulette Courtion, Founder and CEO of Joylux. Our lady parts change a lot over the years. From puberty to motherhood. Onward into perimenopause and menopause. Vaginas change size and shape. Labias stretch, thin out and turn different hues. Even our moisture levels, odors, and sensations adjust down there. As women, we aren’t given much advice on managing these changes (other than a regular Kegel routine, [...]

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