I recently received an email from Clara, who shared the story of her health journey on our blog in November. This spring she was cleaning out her closet and found an outfit that she’d taken a picture in before she started her health journey, so she decided to take an “after” picture.

It was a big WOW moment for her and made her realize how far she’d come. Her email said: “I’ve been living in this gradually transforming body and [realize now] how far removed I am from my starting place.” She went on to share that “the whole closet cleaning experience was a wow for me – my size 8 shorts – which used to be my skinny pants – were too big for me.  I am solidly in a size 6 – and even have a few 4’s,  (an all time low for me!).    I think my weight is finally stabilizing for the last 3 months.  And yet my story is now and always has been about so much more than the weight loss…so much healthier… in so many ways…”

When I see her and the light in her eyes I know she is not the same person she was a year ago. Clara has found joy in her health, and has taken her inner growth on a journey too. She doesn’t have the aches, inflammation and chronic sinus infections she had for so long but she’s transformed inside too. Sometimes we need the inner growth before we are ready for the body to change (and I have a feeling she’d started that before) but sometimes when our body gets “lighter”, we have the energy to move forward in other ways.

Hooray and happy spring! I wish you a transformative season too.