Have you ever been in a crowd of people and suddenly felt exhausted? Or after a particular concert felt elated? Sensitive people can perceive moods of other people or toxicity of an environment even upon entering a room.

Energy is such a perplexing concept. It’s fascinating and frustrating because it’s hard to pin down. Energy is literally everywhere and makes up everything, including cells, tissues, organs, plants, electronic devices, and music. Another way of saying it: everything is energy and has electromagnetic frequencies.

The frequencies of our cells interact and are affected by surrounding frequencies from other people, emotions of our own or others (also energies/frequencies), music, plants or machines, for example.

Disruption of electromagnetic frequencies in cells can impair metabolic function. Scientists have coined the term “electrosmog” for a newly discovered form of pollution from dirty EMFs that can disrupt cell metabolism. These EMFs are emitted from power lines, radio and cellular towers, computers, cell phones, and microwave ovens to name a few. They can cause much stress to our chemistry and eventually disease in some people.

So what do we do about all the disruption to prevent problems? Or how can we maintain beneficial frequencies for optimal functioning? After I was in a big crowd in the Sears Tower for two hours, I ran across the street to a yard and garden where I could lie down, take off my shoes, and plug into the grounding frequency of the earth. Many people are standing barefoot in their yard year round for the detoxifying effect of “earthing” that has been proven. Gerald Blanchard has documented healing practices of indigenous tribes utilizing these frequencies successfully for mental illness. We can also find grounding devices on the market.

But I am most impressed by the healing people find with the use of pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) mats. The results are amazing for treating patients with pain, inflammation, MS, circulation problems, and sleep disruption. In fact, I was so pleased with the way I felt after using one, I bought one for me, and one to make available to my clients in the office!

The frequencies we encounter in our daily lives affect our health in every way, all day. We can choose the kind of frequencies that are impacting us, and through the use of the PEMF mat, mitigate the energy’s impact and help repair any damage.

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