Our Intimate Wellness Device & Its Benefits

A guest blog by Coulette Courtion, Founder and CEO of Joylux.

Our lady parts change a lot over the years. From puberty to motherhood. Onward into perimenopause and menopause. Vaginas change size and shape. Labias stretch, thin out and turn different hues. Even our moisture levels, odors, and sensations adjust down there.

As women, we aren’t given much advice on managing these changes (other than a regular Kegel routine, pricey procedures with long downtimes, and perhaps a grin-and-bear-it attitude). But all that has changed now that there’s a new queen in town: vFit. This red-light intimate wellness device complements your Kegel practice like homemade raspberry jam over warm buttered toast. To find out how vFit can improve your overall sexual wellness in just a few quick sessions a week.



Kegels always reigned supreme for women looking to tone the vaginal walls. These sexual wellness exercises help keep pelvic-floor muscles in shape. Research shows Kegels are great for healthy bladder control, sexual function, sensation, and pleasure. But, as with any single exercise, they have their limitations — especially for women who aren’t sure how or where they should feel these pelvic floor contractions.

That’s where vFit comes in. vFit is an intravaginal device that uses six high-powered, UV-free, red LED lights that shine brightly to safely and effectively produce a positive and natural body response. This innovative device uses what we affectionately dub a multimodal technique. vFit indeed has powerful vibration. But the real magic lies within the combination of light and heat, along with this vibration. This dynamic trio of action is designed to stimulate tissue, encourage blood flow for better pelvic floor health, and improve intimate wellness as a whole.

vFit’s gentle heat warms the tissue and encourages blood flow, which aids in natural lubrication to help soothe dryness. This gentle heat also amplifies the LED benefits. vFit offers six different modes of sonic technology to stimulate vaginal muscles. This patented combination is a win-win for the pelvic floor.


vFit is for any woman looking for extra support with her vaginal wellness. It’s common for women to experience weakening of the pelvic floor, vaginal dryness, and pain with intercourse interfering with sexual pleasure and sensation. This can happen at any age but is more common after childbirth or during menopausal years.

As our founder, Colette knew there had to be a better way to support women’s sexual health as we age. So she teamed with an Ob-Gyn and laser and light scientists to create vFit. The best part about this incredible device is you can use it in the privacy of your own home. With short ten minute sessions a few times a week, you’re well on your way to a healthier, happier sex life, plus less worry about other issues most women experience with age.


In a 3rd party study conducted on vFit, 95 percent of women who participated for 60 days reported improved vaginal health and wellness. A considerable part of their success was the comfort and ease of using the device. It’s truly a relaxing and meditative experience.

In the same study, 91 percent of women felt increased natural hydration, and 89 percent of participants reported increased sensation. One hundred percent of the women felt more confident and emotionally connected with their partners. Donna, a participant, told us:

“This has made me feel more confident in spontaneous intimacy with my husband. We both notice the change and have found intercourse to be much more enjoyable. I am way more sensitive, and he definitely feels a difference. Orgasms are heightened!”

Now is a great time to learn about our sexual wellness device vFit, along with all the other great products in our line. Intimate wellness isn’t only about sexual health. It can improve your overall happiness and quality of life.