Those of us in the Des Moines area are in for a treat – Dr. Terry Wahls will be giving a lecture at Des Moines University on June 10!

Dr. Wahls is a clinical professor and researcher at the University of Iowa. Dr. Wahls’ seminal work is The Wahls Protocol, a revolutionary approach to treating chronic autoimmune conditions with a Paleo diet.

The foundation of Dr. Wahls’ protocol is nutrition: she healed her own progressive MS by experimenting with her diet, ultimately developing her protocol which relies heavily on greens, sulfur-rich vegetables, and berries. You can read more about Dr. Wahls here, or pick up a copy of The Wahls Protocol to learn more.

Dr. Wahls’ lecture is hosted by my friends at Capital Chiropractic, in collaboration with Des Moines University, Des Moines Public Library, and The Harkin Institute. The general admission seating is full, but they’ve opened up free overflow seating where the lecture will be live-streamed.

Click here for your chance to watch the live-streamed lecture, and I’ll see you there!