When was your last wellness exam? We recommend that clients schedule a well woman exam annually. These exams can help catch problems early, and prevent chronic health problems from developing. We also like to see this as a time to look at any health goals you may have and to support the excellent health journey you have begun. Remember: an annual well woman exam is a key component of your long-term health plan.

During your visit, we’ll review health topics relevant to your age, and conduct a comprehensive physical examination.

Annual Well Woman Exams include:

Physical Exam

  • height
  • weight
  • blood pressure
  • urinalysis
  • breast exam
  • pelvic exam (includes pap smear if needed)

Blood Work (tests as needed)

  • anemia
  • blood sugar levels
  • cholesterol levels
  • infections
  • kidney function
  • liver function
  • thyroid function
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D

Health History Review

Current Health Update

  • Bring a list of medications and supplements

Family Health History Update

  • Discuss new serious illness in the family

Evaluate Need for Health Screening Tests

  • Based on age and personal/family history

Discussion of Birth Control Methods (if needed)

Discussion of Health Habits and Their Development

Recommendations for Lifestyle Modifications (as needed)


If you’re ready to try the holistic approach to healthcare, schedule your annual well woman exam at Whole Woman Health! Just give us a call at 515-243-6309 to schedule.