When people ask me if it’s safe to use hormone supplementation. I always say, “ It depends on how you metabolize them, and to know that for certain we should test you.

A test for hormone metabolism provides insight into how your body is managing hormones like estrogen. If hormones aren’t processed properly, they can increase your risk for cancer or cardiovascular disease. In women, poorly metabolized estrogen can increase the risk for breast cancer; in men it increases the risk of prostrate cancer.

To improve optimal metabolization, I recommend patients eat well, exercise and take DIM, a capsule of Brassica vegetable extracts. But until recently I had no proof of it’s efficacy.

My risk was high

5 years ago I did a metabolite test and it showed that I was metabolizing estrogen down pathways that looked a bit risky, in spite of having very little estrogen in my system.

Since I have a history of breast cancer on both sides of the family and two sisters and a mom who had hysterectomies for heavy bleeding, I took the test results seriously. I needed more estrogen to feel my best, but I needed to help my body process it well.

I began adding estrogen in various forms, and have now been using the estrogen and testosterone pellets for over 3 years. I take DIM, eat lots of cruciferous vegetables and antioxidants (berries and Vitamin C-containing foods) and get healthy exercise.

The result is extraordinary

I recently repeated the test and received my results back. I no longer was expressing the 4-OH estradiol metabolite—the risky one—which had been previously high!

Research had shown DIM works but I never feel 100% confident until I see it myself. Now I have proof that even on me, a genetically higher risk individual, hormones are proving beneficial and no risk is seen!

We offer the Genova or DUTCH testing if you want to see your own risk and consider the need for extra supplementation. If you are concerned about taking hormones or your risk, these tests could help put your mind at ease, and enable you to make the most of the hormones your body craves.