After decades of contracting with Wellmark, a recent audit has now deemed our integrative healthcare services as “investigational and experimental”, and include practices which are not “Standard of Care”. Those services included practices in which nutrition, supplements, inflammation affected gut health, hormone treatment based on testing, and other topics are discussed. Unfortunately, this comprises around 90% of my work.

I object! There is plenty of data and literature available to show that hormone replacement therapy and gut health protocols are no longer experimental. I have my clients’ health to prove it! I cannot and will not stop offering these services to my clients.

Because of this, I have decided I must terminate my contract with Wellmark effective June 20th, 2020. This means you will be responsible to pay for your visit at the time of service at a newly discounted self-pay rate. I would also like to offer an even larger annual GYN exam discount to my self-pay patients, because I believe preventative visits are extremely important, and you should be able to choose the provider you feel most comfortable with. You are still able to file your own out-of-network claims. We will provide you with a paper claim form at the time of your visit.

I know this is disappointing. I desperately tried to find a way to make it work, but all I uncovered was headaches and confusion for everyone. We get calls from patients all the time who are frustrated to learn that practitioners, like myself, are not contracting with their health insurance companies. Sadly, I have accepted that this is the state of our current healthcare system. Even at the national conferences I attend, there are very few clinicians who participate with insurance companies. What Integrative and Functional health clinicians offer is much more valuable than most insurance companies recognize.

There is an upside to all of this. We will be free to pursue the healthcare that we see fit for us! The beauty of my practice is that most clients come because they want a say in making their healthcare decisions. We work together by looking at many options to find what is best for YOU in a particular place in your life. WE decide, not the insurance or drug companies.

Thank you for your support.