My friend Renee invited me to participate in her Arbonne “30 day to healthy “ cleanse so I decided to join in the fun. It was a great experience and it gave me new insight into what helps a cleanse be successful. I wanted to share what I learned with you.

I realized why some attempts at reset diets or cleanses don’t work and I discovered some critical components to help them work better. Arbonne rocks all the needed components! Don’t worry I’m not selling Arbonne…but I do like what they do!

Here’s what I found helped make a 30-day cleanse successful

The first two components may be obvious to most people:

1) a decision or commitment to do the thing

2) a support group

I’ve experienced that we can make the commitment stronger by spending money on a program but depending on your motivation it may not be needed. Joining a group program strengthens the commitment but also makes it fun and a little easier with some built in tools. This particular program benefits from a group leader who is vigilant at checking in and encouraging on a regular basis. In Renee’s case she literally asks me for measurements at the onset and my meal plans before each week! This is amazing and really helpful.

I jumped ahead and was ready for

3) A meal plan

Some people do that anyway but it was a huge discovery to me. I have done cleanses that offer recipes and lists of “good and bad foods” but actually planning meals a week ahead helps my mind set itself for the week, have the groceries on hand, and skip the daily decision making process which can be the toughest obstacle for me. I might not eat the meals in the order written but options are easily there.

4) Tools

Recipes for those stuck on what to fix and some extra meal replacement products can help when needed. Lots of plans also have some detox teas or herbal supplements to help. My liver detox kit at Whole Woman Health includes the liver and gallbladder support drops and GI support. Arbonne has protein shakes that are good.

5) Plans for more challenging days

Fridays are my hardest time because parts of me love to celebrate the weekend with treats and drinks sometimes. There are some recipes for keto brownies if “needed” and some fun meals to have on hand.

My sugar cravings are now gone I’m happy to say but we still need some……

6) Fun!

We had a Zoom meal prep meeting the night before we started which was really fun! I was surprised how fun it was because I’ve gotten a bad attitude about Zoom meetings during the pandemic. We got to see what each other was making, got started on our prep, and got to meet some other people working on the same thing with more ideas. This really helped cement the commitment.

I’m impressed by the time and work Renee and other leaders put into helping people succeed in their health journey and hope to put a group cleanse in my spring plans for Whole Woman Health.

A seasonal cleanse, whether 2 or 4 times a year is good for energizing, turning off cravings, making new habits, and weight loss. I wish you the health habits that you desire!